Monday, May 23, 2011

Spoiled Rotten!

We're here! Having more fun with Aunt Tami! She's spoiling us! Me! :) We {I!!!} are thankful!!!

We've been...
Blowing LOTS of bubbles outside... {How can you turn down a sweet two year old's plea for 'bubba? bubba? bubba?' :)}
Building fun shapes with FUN BLOCKS (thanks, Ashley!! :))!! These have been a HIT for both boys!
Lots of playtime outside before it gets too hot...
Me and my boys!! Rhys & Caleb really do enjoy each other, which makes my heart smile! {I've been excitedly anticipating the time when they would be interacting and playing together, and it is starting now!!! "Yay, Lord!! Thank You!! It is FUN!"}
More building.... :)
Here, sweet Rhys is trying to put poor Zeke's collar on his own neck. :) Mommy quickly came to the rescue and put it back on Zeke!
And this morning, while Daddy & I took Caleb to have his tubes put in, sweet Aunt Tami took Rhys for a day trip to the Galleria to ride all of these fun things...
Below, a blue train...
An ice cream truck...
And my favorite...the police trike! :) {Rhys' favorite, too, according to Aunt Tami :)}
Life has been nothing short of FUN this last week, and I anticipate more fun this week! :)

"Thank you for loving on us, Aunt Tami!"

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