Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Date with Aunt Tami

My big man had his first date today!! :) Sweet Aunt Tami treated him to a very special, FUN day at the Birmingham Zoo! She was so good to capture lots of good moments for Mommy to enjoy and for him to remember!

First stop...of course, a good sit on the tractor! :) Tami narrates, "He kept saying, 'Pink tractor,' because it's a faded red color." :) It's fun to learn how children think!!!
Next stop, the goats!
Next, they fed some fish and turtles...Rhys got a kick out of watching the fish come up for the food.
Then, the "looooong neck giraffes," as Rhys calls them. :)
{Great photography, Tami!!}
Evidently, Rhys found a seat here :) and wouldn't get up for a while. Surely resting from a long morning of walking and likely enamored by something in front of him. :) Love that child.
Then, the "Zeeeebraaa."
Some handsome lions...
Tigers... {again, some great pictures!!}
And I just love that my child ate his lunch! :) Doesn't every mom out there want her child to eat well? Get his/her protein? So, of course, I packed a pb & j, and Aunt Tami was sure to give him that before any other snacks! {Thanks, girl!! :) You're speakin' to my love language as you take such good care of my boys! ;)}
Oh, and perhaps the highlight...the TRAIN RIDE!!!! My man looks so happy there!! I can just hear him saying, "Choo choo train! Choo choo train! Choo choo train!" :)
According to Aunt Tami, this was Rhys' favorite...the peacock!
He watched the pink flamingos for about 20 minutes...just takin' it all in, I guess. :)
Finally, the Lorikeet Birds...and I'm excited that Rhys wasn't too scared to get so close! "Yay, Rhys!!!"
What a perfect first date! ;) Now, Rhys is napping nice and long!! Can't wait to see what's in store next for us while Aunt Tami's here with us!!


Ashley Matteo said...

what a fun day and what a great aunt!!! cant wait to see all of yall on friday

Todd, Kristie and Sierra Mitchell said...

Love it!!! What a great time!