Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fast-Paced Fun...

Life has been fast-paced around here, and I have a hard time doing more than just keep up!

Rhys is 2 years and 4 months and lovin' life! He's my 'main man' every day! He keeps me on my toes, on the go and flat worn out! I love every little ounce of him!!!
These boys 'mark' T-R-O-U-B-L-E! Nah, they're really sweet and really good brothers. It's fun to get to spend my days with them. Bath time is an activity around our home. :)
One afternoon last week, the weather was warm but with a nice breeze, so we had a nice family evening out on the deck...even pulled the rugs out for some comfort underfoot. :)
Caleb took Rhys' juice, and he's enjoying every chance we give him with a sippy cup, now!
Even with all the miserable ear infections this guy has had (and still has as I type :( ), he is such a happy, content little man! Always smiling! I'm thankful - thankful!
We had a nice visit with one of our sweet friends last week. Of course, Rhys was totally flirting with Natalie :)!!! Thanks for coming to visit, sweet friend!
Then, Aunt Tami came!!!! These boys LOVE their Aunt Tami, and their Mama does, too!!! She's such a JOY to have here {and Mommy must mention the HELP she really does offer!!!}!!!
Aunt Tami and Rhys can get into just about anything!! :) It's such a pleasure to have the company {and, again, the help!!!} these days!!! "Thanks for being here, Tami!!!" :)
And the tale does not end here... :)

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