Monday, August 9, 2010

Sweet Moments

My heart is so full for the time I've recently had with these two guys. I acknowledge how UNworthy I am for the Lord's love, and that He would bless my heart SO much through such a good husband and a precious son absolutely overwhelms and baffles me! I praise You, O Lord! YOU alone!!!

While I was posting on the Annual Duck Race a couple of weekends ago, Rhys was napping off some of the afternoon fun. After a couple of hours of snoozing...into dinner time, too...I decided to go in and awake him. I spoke to him, nudged him, and I realized what a picture-perfect moment it was, so I went and got my camera, turned on the light and snapped a few shots of this precious sleepy head...
Really, I'm not sure that there's anything more precious than this site...a soundly sleeping, contented little one.
Moving on into our week, we had some not-so-fun incidents. I think Rhys is going through a growth spurt because he's not quite a sure-footed as usual, tripping over his own feet. It's kind of funny because he'll normally trip, look up, pick himself up and sometimes do that number all over again...over and over, poor guy. :) Then, there are times when he runs into something, like our glider or a metal chair, which results in the black eye below or in a torn lip and gums above his upper teeth (not pictured b/c I was too shaken!). Praise the Lord, he is fine after all these little mishaps. Whew!Next thing you know, he's running around playing again! Yay!!!
Here, sporting Mommy's sun visor and Daddy's military hat/cap (?). :)
Father-son time...sharing a yummy plum.
You think Rhys knows that I'm taking his picture? :) Oh, he IS the center of attention...these days! :)
I look at this picture and see a little MAN sitting next to Russell! I can't believe how big Rhys is getting!!! Growing up so FAST!

Those are some fun shots to finish off the month of July. I look forward to sharing a little of our start in August shortly!

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Matt, Sandy and Logan said...

I'm glad you are doing well! They do grow up fast, don't they? Matt and I were talking about how 'grown up' Logan seems just the other day. How are you feeling? You only have a few more weeks, right? I am 34 weeks... yikes!