Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Fun Saturday Evening with Friends...

I am so behind on sharing how we're doing, but my type-A brain is making me go in chronological order! I started this post before we went to the hospital unexpectantly to have Caleb, and I'm just getting back to it. Seems I have to finish it before moving forward! :)

God has blessed our lives RICHLY with the meeting of these new friends since our move to Missouri. I could never have planned such a perfect provision as HE worked out for us through this wonderful family, Joshua, Cristina and their two little ones, Jocelyn and Jude. We got to spend Saturday evening (two weeks ago) with this sweet family, celebrating Jocelyn's 3-year birthday. It was a FUN (HOT :)) evening with yummy grilled burgers, hot dogs and chicken, fun side dishes and yummy yummy vanilla with strawberry icing cupcakes. They went all out to make the party special, and we all had a great time of fellowship!

Jude & Jocelyn...aren't they precious! Yes, Jocelyn is wearing her bathing suit. The kiddos threw water balloons and had a large tub of water to jump in and out of and other fun water toys to keep them cool. Great ideas for an August birthday!!Rhys enjoyed playing in the water...He discovered a water gun for the first time! :) Look at that inquisitive mind at work! :) Hee hee!!!Then, he climbed up and found the food! He started eating anyone's food that was left on the table, starting with left-over cupcake pieces and juice boxes! That child has to be watched at all times! :) I love him, and I'm enJOYing this age! He keeps me going, that's for sure! He would've eaten the paper if I'd not stopped him. Seriously, he already had a chunk of it in his mouth!
Russell and Joshua are in training together and have become buddies very quickly. Joshua did a great job manning the grill!This may be the ONLY pregnancy picture I have this go-around, and, of course, it's when it's HOT, and I was all nice and swollen feeling! :) All in all, this pregnancy was WONDERFUL, and I'm ready to do it again! As God would permit, we would be elated! Maybe round 3 would give us a little girl???? :) Whatever the LORD wills. Amen! Joshua & Cristina. God knew we needed the fellowship and encouragement of this precious couple. They love the Lord, and Cristina quickly became a life-long friend to me! "I love you, girl!!!" My 'battle buddy' :) during our season of growth here. {Caleb was very ready to show face! He came less than 3 days after this picture! :)}

What a sweet season this has been here in Missouri, even sweeter with such great friends in Christ! We are thankful!

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