Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy 19 Months, Happy 2 Weeks & Happy 3 Years!!!

Rhys turned 19 months this week! He's growing like a weed, has several more teeth coming in, is as curious as ever (has his daddy's engineer brain, trying to figure out how everything works!), loves his baby brother, giving Caleb kisses and rubbing his head on Caleb's head :), playing hard, learning a lot, saying new words, etc! He is a pleasant boy, and I do enjoy our days together!

Just last Friday, Papa and Grandmom and I took him to play group, and he learned how to ride a scooter! He hasn't quite mastered riding one alone, but shoot, if someone else were willing to balance and push it while I stood on it, I'd let them, too! He's a smart little fellow! ;)

It's been a fun month, and "Daddy and Mommy wish you a happy 19 months, sweet boy!"

Caleb turned two weeks yesterday! I took him to his 2-week pediatrician check-up, and he's above his birth weight at 7lbs 4oz! Hooray! So, he's eating well, sleeping well, and he's just the sweetest little cuddle bug! He has a head FULL of black hair! (Rhys had a head full of hair at birth, too, but it had a red tint to it!) I'm so thankful for this new little man! He is really easy to care for, and I realize this go-around that this infant stage passes so quickly, so I'm really taking advantage of the sweet cuddle moments. Thank you for your prayers for a safe and smooth delivery and recovery. Caleb and I are doing GREAT, and we are all transitioning, praise the Lord, very smoothly!

Finally, Russell and I get to celebrate three wonderful years of marriage today! It's been more and more fun and fulfilling each year that we've gotten to celebrate! I praise the Lord for my wonderful husband, who is amazing to me, and who is SUCH a great father to our children! I thank him for his selfless service to us, always putting us before himself!

We got to celebrate last Friday night by going out for a yummy dinner and sweet time together, while Russell's parents kept the boys for us. It was FUN to get out and EAT without getting stuffed after one bite! Not being pregnant definitely has its perks! :) More room for food in the belly and not having to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes because there's no longer a baby sitting on my bladder! Ha! Anyways, we plan to spend good quality time together with and without the boys this weekend, which will be great for our hearts!

Happy THREE years, my sweet husband!!!


Eddie said...

Happy Anniversary Guys Ya'll look Great

Eddie said...
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Missy Morgan said...

happy celebration to all the above! been keeping up wiht you via blog. i hope you celebrate all three special occasions, yall deserve it. hope all is well. miss you! xoxo