Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rhys Trying Out A New Food Group

Rhys is such a stinker! We went to Pizza Hut for dinner last Saturday night with one of Russell's classmates and his wife, and to keep Rhys entertained, I was feeding him off my plate. At one point, I just grabbed the lemon off my water cup and gave it to him to see how he'd respond, and here you go! Please give yourself a 33 second laugh!!

Don't you love the facial gestures!?!? :)


HB said...

LOVE THIS! LOVE ALL OF YOUR UPDATES! Miss seeing you! Darn it. However, I just get teary reading all of your fun updates-praises abound, huh?! Amazing stuff, Shireen.

Hugs to Rhys!

Tara said...

I loved the lemon video! That sour face was priceless. Way to be fast with the video camera at such a funny "first." :) It looks like you guys are doing great up in Missouri! Praise the Lord. And your embroidered onsies for Caleb are amazing! He'll be here so soon! Miss y'all.