Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Fun Onesies...

I've had SO much FUN making these onesies for our coming little man, too! He's going to be well suited :) for his first 3 or so months!

I've got a couple more blank onesies to come up with more fun ideas and several birp cloths to get busy on!
Happy Sunday to everyone!!


HB said...

Look at you! You are so good at that. I LOVE LOVE the little polka dotted car. TOO CUTE!

Hope y'all (you needed to hear a good, southern 'y'all') are doing so well.


Todd, Kristie and Sierra Mitchell said...

Shireen, Those are SO cute! You are doing such a great job. Rhys and Caleb are so blessed to have you as their mommy ;)
Love and miss ya'll!

Kate Holmes said...

How cute are they, I love them!!! Miss you