Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Days Here...

After a month of being here, Rhys and I have gotten a great and fun schedule to look forward to something different each day! Most mornings consist of a playgroup, where Rhys and I both get to be SOCIAL and PLAY! :) This has been such a ministry to my heart, as I've met wonderful moms who can relate to our current season of life and really encourage me, and I hope to be of encouragement to them, as well! It's been AWESOME!

Rhys is learning how to slide down the slide, and I'm coaching him on how to run back around and climb the steps so that he can slide down again...rather than climb up the slide! :)He likes to turn wheels...Play with anything he can get his hands on...
Hoola Hoop time! and other fun activities...
SWEET Aunt Tami came for a nice, long visit that REALLY helped and encouraged all of us! We LOVE you, Aunt Tami, and we're ready for you be here again...NOW! :) Thank you for making the LONG drive both ways! Whew!!!

And we've made Rhys' room a safe place where we can dump toys, close the door and let him play alone for sometimes over an hour. This is how we found him several times... :) So cute. He would climb into his laundry basket and just sit in there with his toys and play! So content. I am thankful! He's playing in his room right now so that I can blog! :)
This is how I found him another time...not sure that's a good idea. Yikes!
These are our afternoons...AT THE POOL!!!! There's an AWESOME adult pool, kiddie pool and splash pad for FREE on post, so I take Rhys every other afternoon for an hour or longer, just depending on how much time I want to kill out there! :) Tami got to experience it with us. "Tami, the water's a LOT warmer, now!" :) She knows that I do NOT care for cold water or temps!
Rhys didn't care for the pools or the splash pad when we first got here, but I've either forced him to like it because it gives us something to do in the afternoons :) or he's learned to like it! Either way, we BOTH enjoy the pool, now! Yay!!
So, that is literally our days...morning play groups or playing on the outdoor playgrounds before it gets too hot outside, home for lunch and nap time, then, back to the base most afternoons for pool time! I'm enjoying life here! I really praise the Lord for this season. It was challenging, at first, but God is growing us closer to Him through the challenges, and I'm learning a LOT about Him, myself, our family, and we look forward to our future in His hands!


The Amato's said...

I'm so glad to see an update about life as a military wife. I have been thinking about you & praying for you alot (esp. last week) but have been WAAAAY to busy to sit & email or call. (I'm sorry). I love you & will continue praying for ya'll. I promise to email soon. Love ya girl

Leigh Ann Schmidt said...

Hey Wright's!

We're missing you guys here in Birmingham! I'm especially missing my Sunday and Wednesday nights with Rhys. I hope you guys (and little Caleb) are doing well. I can't wait to meet him and see you guys! Kendall and I realized when Caleb is here and he and Rhys are in the nursery we'll have 7-8 boys and 0 girls! What fun!

Leigh Ann

Mama Matteo said...

thanks for the update and pics. rhys is getting so big and has ALWAYS been super cute. im glad he is liking the water better now. you look great!

Matt, Sandy and Logan said...

I'm glad everything is going well! It definitely sounds like you are keeping busy. That's great that he has play time alone in his room... I don't think Logan would last doing that for five minutes!