Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Worship, Fun & Praises

Russell and I pass four churches on our way from home to base, so we've been interested in trying one or some of them out as our temporary home church. We went to Christ's Mission Church's website and were impressed. So, we visited this Sunday morning. I LOVED it! I enjoyed the teaching and message, meeting some very friendly people, and I was thrilled that Rhys enjoyed his time in the nursery with several other children and some great nursery care providers! We walked in the front doors to such FRIENDLY greeters, and it was like that until we left! The first lady we spoke to invited us to their annual luau. Then, everyone followed suit, inviting us. We went and had a great time! We got to fellowship with some of the locals, with some soldiers and their spouses, and Rhys had a great time doing whatever was at hand...

Rhys LOVES doggies, or "daw!" as he calls them. :) The luau was awesome! They had volleyball, horse shoe, a trampoline, a long water slide for the older kiddos, etc, etc. It was a treat for each of us to be there. Rhys was checking out the volleyball game...
He wanted to get involved! :)
He wouldn't get IN the water but enjoyed throwing the basketballs in there and then fishing them out.
He just looked so cute sucking away at his juice in this picture. Jenn, we LOVE this baby Nalgene! Thank you!! It does NOT leak, and I want MORE of them! We JUST started using it, so it was a GREAT gift for Rhys' b'day for ALL of us. :) Thank you!

We had a WONDERFUL weekend and start to this week TOGETHER as a family! Russell was off from training on Friday and Monday, so it made for a super long weekend and two short work weeks! :) I'm so fulfilled from the weekend that I'm actually READY to get into the week, even if Russell does start his training back up! I told Russell tonight, "One week down, and we're already into week two!" I also mentioned, "Honey, do you realize that we only have 11 weeks to go until Caleb is here?" :) That took him aback...Caleb WILL be here, Lord willing, before we know it!

Another HUGE praise from the weekend...we met a wonderful couple through Russell's training classes. We had dinner with Gabe and Amy on Saturday night, had them over for dessert and Joker :) on Sunday night, and then had lunch and played more Joker with them today! Gabe and Russell are working out together in the mornings, prepping for their first PT test, which will be next Tuesday, and Amy is my new walking partner! We speed walked together this morning and plan to do so again tomorrow morning. She's also WONDERFUL with children, so she comes to the playground with me and Rhys, and we just keep each other good company! We have been encouraged by the army to get to know other wives from our husbands' classes, so we're doing so, and it's been very encouraging! God has blessed my prayers to not only find a walking partner, but she's also follower of Christ! I praise the Lord for this answered prayer!


The Amato's said...

Shireen I am so proud of you for your positive outlook & diving in to your new home. I am also especially proud that at 29 weeks you are still speed walking! You go girl!!! Missing you & thinking about you! Love ya

Cindy said...

I'm so glad you're getting settled in and finding a church and meeting people.

Wasn't this long weekend with our husbands home so nice? Claire cried when James left for work this morning and was begging "Daddy, you stay at my house?"