Monday, May 11, 2009

Rhys, Your Mama is A Huge Fan of You!

Is it possible to take too many pictures of your own children? Nah...Don't you just love the above outfit? :)
Below, the dreaded 'tummy time.' Do all babies hate that time? :) My dad is holding Rhys here...what an irresistable face!!!
Bath time...
Does every baby LOVE bathing as much as ours??? :)
Look at this beautiful face!!! Where did he get those perfect lips???? Not from me! I guess from Daddy!
A happy boy...just fed, changed and on his activity mat! :)
Such a self-sufficient man!!! He has found his thumb!! :)

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The Amato's said...

Rhys is getting so big & look at how long his eyelashes are!!! What a little stud. I love how you cover him up for the "naked shoot" are too cute girlie. We will be in town in june...will we see you?