Monday, May 11, 2009

A Happy Mother's Day!!

What a sweet day Mother's Day was for me this year!! :) My first! We all got to spend the day with my family over lunch and a good visit. I am THANKFUL for my family, and I APPRECIATE my mom, for all the little and big things she's ever done and still does for me! Simple things like packing my lunches for my days at elementary :), taking us to school, tucking me in at night (loved that!), hearing me out when I needed to talk/vent all my growing-up years {not that I'm not still growing up :)}, and for loving me UNconditionally all my life!

Now, she gets to love on this little man!! :)Not to mention how my dad absolutely eats up each moment with the little guy!And I appreciate my sweet Granny, who has been much like a mom to me all my life. When my mom was shocked with the news of TWINS on her DELIVERY BED, Granny took on the role of helping raise us. How selfless these women are! When I go to visit Granny these days, she immediately sits down on her sofa, sets a pillow in her lap, and says, "Bring me Rhys! I'm waiting!!" :)
As a new mom this year, I have an all-new appreciation for my moms :) this year!!!

"I love you, Mama & Granny! Happy Mother's Day!!"

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