Thursday, May 21, 2009

Recent Fun with Friends

Since we've been temporarily "misplaced," we've been trying to "make the most of it" by livin' it up in good fellowship with friends!! Sweet Sarah joined us for lunch at Zoe's!
Our community group went out to dinner last week at Sweet Bones Alabama up at the Summit. My favorite part was watching Rhys interact with all the ladies as they took turns HOLDING him and loving on him! I've learned to let others hold Rhys, as it gives him good social time and me a good break! ;)
Kat & Virginia, thank you! :)
Rhys was "HEAD" of the table!! :) How cute! I had to snap a shot of this...practicing his leadership skills (just like his daddy!!) already!! I love it!
Then, our sweet friend, Missy, {JUST MARRIED!! :)} came into town for a good visit! She couldn't get enough of this little man! She LOVES babies!! "Missy, you will make an amazing mommy!! :) Thank you for coming to our hotel ;) to visit! You look FABULOUS, as marriage evidently suits you well! I know you were excited to get back home to Dallas to be with your sweet man!" ;)
Natalie came with Missy, and I feel terrible for not even wishing her a happy birthday!
"Natalie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, friend! I'm so sorry that I forgot! From your blog, I can tell you had fun and a beautiful, yummy-looking Edgar's cake to share with all your great girlfriends!!" :)
Sweet Karen came for a fun visit by the poolside! :) We have to take full advantage of all the hotel amenities, right? This surely includes the beautiful pool! :)
"Thank you for coming straight to visit us after work, Karen!! You're a sweetheart, and I enjoyed catching up!"
More fun visits with friends to come, as our gracious Lord permits!!

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