Monday, May 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We're livin' it up at the local Hampton Inn! Seriously, I told Russell over the weekend that we might as well make the most of our temporary home!! :) You canNOT beat FREE yummy hot breakfasts EVERY morning, FREE horse douvres each weekday afternoon, daily housekeeping, not having to make up our bed...basically, seeing this as a vacation at home! It's "icing on the cake" that I still get to visit with my sweet friends during the days, too! :)

So, thank you for your prayers and sweet comments of concern!! Please do continue to pray that our home reconstruction goes smoothly and as quickly as the Lord would allow. We've, so far, been given 3 weeks at our new, temporary home sweet home, with permission to stay longer if needed. Well see! Looks like work will begin on the homefront this Wednesday morning...forecasting tearing out sheetrock walls and ceilings, carpet and whatever else! Fun times ahead!! :)

Again, we praise the Lord for how HE has given us the positive outlook we have. We could definitely be dwelling on negatives, but, really, life is too short for that! :)

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