Friday, November 7, 2008

Rhys' Nursery - Thank you, Baba & Mama Nili & Aunt Soraya

Rhys' room is coming together beautifully! Thanks to his grandparents, Baba and Mama Nili, and his Aunt Soraya, he has furniture!! It has all come in, and Russell has put it all together...all by himself, in fact! I went to Bible study last Wednesday evening and came home to this!
The crib will convert to a day bed and then a double bed!! There's even a functional drawer underneath to store diapers, clothes, etc.
The dresser is SO nice! Huge drawers, and the changing station on top will be so helpful for changing Rhys' diapers! Russell chose the Nautica theme, so when we saw this sailboat lamp, we immediately liked it! The blue shade offers a soft, sweet color when the lamp is on at night. Notice the mirror, too!Finally, the most comfortable of all...the glider and ottoman. I've found Russell sitting (ie, gliding away!!) in it at night, reading or just resting. :) I'm wondering if I'll be able to stay awake in the comfort of this chair while feeding Rhys at crazy hours! :) We'll see!
"Thank you, Baba, Mama & Soraya! We appreciate SO MUCH these generous gifts! Your grandson and nephew ;) will enjoy growing up with this nice furniture, as it should serve him for years to come!"


Angie Davis said...

yes, very pretty! looks like you are getting into the 'nesting' stage!

Darby said...

Oh Shireen! It's absolutely PRECIOUS!! I love the lamp and the changing table/dresser... and the glider! Now.. it will be just perfect with that sweet baby in it!

The Amato's said...

How nice that this child who hasn't even graced us with his presence yet is soooooo loved & so blessed!!! Can't wait to see you next & Russ are too cute.

Mama Matteo said...

the furniture looks great! and i give props to russell for finishing it in such a timely manner. i am so excited to see your nearing motherhood and getting to walk alongside you in this process, just as you so lovingly walk alongside me. love ya girl

Lindsey said...

That is beautiful!

Nicki McDonald said...

I love Rhys' new room! He has such a great start in life.