Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fun, Warm Times!!

Russell & I got our Christmas present to each other early this year!! We want to enjoy it through all the holidays! Like our new outdoor fireplace?We've already had our first smore roasting!! We had a community group get-together at our house last night, starting out with warm Santa Fe Soup and all the yummy toppings and sides, pumpkin cake and brownies, and then we moved outside by the fire to enjoy some fun fellowship and smores of perfection!
Below, Kat looks like she's frizzling! :)Ben & Virginia cuddle to keep warm!
Same with JP & Megan, although JP did stay in a short-sleeve shirt all night. He must be hot-natured!Russell & I enjoyed the get-together, and we look forward to sharing in some good times around the fireplace with YOU! Give us a shout, and come on over!More pics here!


Missy said...

it looks great! good job! =)
happy turkey day! gobble gobble! eat lots for you and Rhys! xoxo

Mama Matteo said...

looks like fun. cant wait to come over and roast some smores with yall!

Kathryn said...

What a fun gift! I know you guys will enjoy it lots. Hope you had a great turkey-day and know I'm thankful for your friendship!

Krystal with a K said...

we had a great time with you guys on Saturday!! please help me pretty up my blog!!!