Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blue Ridge Mountains, January 2012

We got to enjoy a wonderful family vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia a couple of weeks ago with some great friends! We planned this vacation about a year ago, and we've been looking forward to it ever since! It was PERFECT!!!

I took some pictures of the THREE-story cabin for our memories. It was a HUGE place, but I'm thankful because we NEVER left to go anywhere the three days we were there! It was 18 degrees the first morning we were there! So, thankfully, we had lots of room and activities within the cabin to keep us entertained! Not to mention the good fellowship with our friends!

We truly spent most of our time the kitchen! :) Eating toooooo much! :)
This is the gorgeous dining area with a breath-taking view of the blue ridge!
A view of the living area from above...
Becky brought all the fixings to make homemade chocolate chip cookies. I refuse to ask her for this recipe because they are absolutely DELICIOUS!!! :) She was making cookies all three nights we were there! Needless to say, we way over indulged during this vacation!!!
The kiddos hung out in the kitchen, too. :)
Ice cream floats were another dessert hit!
Then, we'd take the party to the basement, where we had our choice of ping pong, air hockey, pool, movies on a big screen TV, chess, checkers, or the amazing HOT TUB just outside! Whew! That was the best treat there!The kids had a great time together!!!
Then, we were off to the Chatanooga Aquarium!!!
Meet the Rogers: Jeremy, Becky, Anne Stewart and Hudson...Great people!!!
Who knew that butterflies feast on fruit!?!? They're healthy!! :)
Brave Anne Stewart! You go, girl, holding that butterfly so well!!
Everyone watching the stingrays. Miss Becky brave enough to reach in there!
Brave Caleb, too! Go, Caleb!!! You're more brave than your mama!!!
We praise the Lord for the opportunity to spend some vacation time in such an amazing cabin with some wonderful friends! Then, to top it off with a visit to the Chatanooga Aquarium! I hope we get to do something like this every two or three years! We all enjoyed it! Now, we're all working off all the chocolate chip cookies! :/ :)

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