Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Popcorn Time

Afternoon snack can be tricky. If my children eat too heavy a snack, they won't eat dinner, but they still need a little something to carry them until dinner time. Solution: popcorn!

Caleb had never seen an air popper pop popcorn. He does NOT like loud, roaring sounds. He scream cries at the sound of a vacuum, and popcorn popper is just about as loud. So, this was a new experience for him. Watch his positioning as he watches the popcorn descend to the bowl.

Caleb, standing at a distance, watching with caution...
Getting closer with curiosity at this white, puffy stuff coming out of this machine... :)
Now, REALLY curious, and big brother cautioning Caleb to be careful up there!! :)
Oh, the joys of home entertainment!! :)

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