Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Wow! Rhys is THREE!!!
Sometimes I watch Rhys, and I just cannot believe how much he's growing!!! Tall enough to reach the kitchen counter tops! {Current stats: weight - 31 lbs; height - 36 3/4 inches} It's wonderful, but it's also a little sad to see him truly growing up before our very eyes!! Taking him to preschool has been SUCH an eye opener this year. His vocabulary and usage of words has expanded exponentially! He is so much more INDEPENDENT, which continues to be my goal this year...to encourage independence in all things!!! We're also focusing on learning the alphabet, numbers and memorizing Scripture verses each week this year. I stand AMAZED at how well a two and three-year-old can memorize! I trust, too, that the Lord is penetrating Rhys' sweet heart with those verses of Truth!!! My heart, too! Mommy-hood is so edifying and rewarding! I have MUCHO to learn!!! I praise the Lord for where he has Rhys in our lives!!!

Speaking of the birthday boy, here are some recent things he's been up to...
Notice he's wearing his heavy coat indoors, below. Rhys is very cold-natured, like his mama, so he likes to wear his coat inside on colder days! :) He's opening Mommy & Daddy's birthday gift to him here...
Y'all be sure to take note of Russell's choice of wrapping paper. He couldn't find where I'd stashed our wrapping paper, so he 'made do.' :)
Rhys didn't care! He loved his new remote control monster truck! :)
Then, we were off to visit Baba & Mama Nili & Aunt Soraya, who gave Rhys this awesome remote-control helicopter, a light saber, other fun toys and gifts...
Zeke is here because Pappa & Grandmom are visiting with us this week.
Then, for the birthday party, we had some sweet little friends over to help celebrate Rhys' turning THREE! It was a great evening! Lots of good food, yummy cupcakes and sweet memories!
Rhys got some great BOY books - trains & trucks!!!
A missile launcher!!!
A 4-foot firetruck puzzle!!!
And Pappa and Grandmom spoiled our big man with his very own "computer," a Leapster Explorer, which is awesome because it will be an educational tool for years to come {for Caleb, too! :) }!!
Rhys has had a VERY celebrated 3-year-0ld birthday!!! We PRAISE our LORD for his life, and we are THANKFUL to share life with him!!!

Happy happy birthday, Rhys!!! May you get to enJOY many many many more pleasurable years on this earth!!!! We love you, sweetheart!!!

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Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Rhys!!! Looks like you got some really cool toys -- that helicopter is AWESOME. And I laughed so hard at your daddy's wrapping paper :-)