Friday, January 6, 2012

Caleb - 16 & 17 months

Here is Caleb's two-month post! That is, covering the last two months of his life! "Caleb, I do not love you any less, due to less posts on your monthly updates! I just choose to spend that time with you and not on this computer!" {And sometimes I just can't get to this computer! ;) Two little ones always tag teaming for Mommy's UNdivided attention! Whew!}
Caleb, your personality and 'spunk' are absolutely beautiful and handsome all at the same time! You are rough and tumble! You run until you fall down! You are forever bumping your head on things! Yesterday, you hit your head HARD on Rhys' bed, and not 30 minutes later, you were running toward your bed, and you tripped and hit your head on it! Poor guy! You hardly cry! You are so tough! You just pick yourself up and go! I can appreciate that quality, but it sure is different from my {very} cautious nature. Whew! You are our Caleb! What more can I say?

Recently, you have more teeth! I'm surprised to see molars coming in before the rest of your front teeth, but your front teeth are catching up, thankfully! You're able to eat crunchier things, like your chewable vitamins, chunks of apple, crunchy granola bars, etc. You LOVE cream cheese & sausage filled crescent rolls any time of the day! Your typical day consists of oatmeal for breakfast, a cereal snack or granola bar for mid-morning snack, a grilled cheese sandwich, yogurt &/or apple slices or apple sauce for lunch, and maybe a filled crescent roll for afternoon snack and you typically eat whatever Mommy & Daddy are eating for dinner.

You also still drink lots of milk (maybe 15-20oz/day), grape juice, apple juice, orange're really not picky. You surprise me at the variety of foods you'll eat {b/c I'm used to a pickier eater with your brother}, but I am thankful!! Keep up the healthy appetite, son! You have lost weight! You are down to the 10th/20th percentile in your weight category; 50th/75th percentile in height. So, you've gotten all skinny on us! Too, you've been sick a LOT, recently. Poor guy, you've had a stomach bug, two or three fever viruses and a sinus infection in the last couple of months. So, you've not had a huge appetite for anything but IBUPROFEN during those tough weeks. Praise the Lord, you are well NOW. :) I pray for wellness over you and your brother every day, sweet man. Winter weather just brings on a lot of colds!

A quick note on your napping, I'm pretty certain you are transitioning from two to one nap per day. You do well to get a cat nap in mid-morning, even if it's just 10 minutes, but I am trying to not let you nap much longer than that so that you will take a longer nap around 1/1:30 while Rhys also naps. That makes Mommy's life MUCH nicer!! :) I really enjoy some down time each afternoon to 'reboot' prior to evening time. We put you to bed at 7p most nights, and you're recently sleeping in until 7a or just after most mornings. You're a great sleeper! I am thankful. I know you need that rest in order to continue developing into the strong boy and man that you are and will be!!

You've been trying out new things, Buddy!! You've colored with our {very washable :)} markers!
You are SUPER active during your awake time, so I'm thankful for the many fun and educational toys we have during these cold {INDOOR} months!! Like this piano-like toy that lights up and plays nursery rhymes at the push of a button...
You are recently interested in reading {or maybe just holding books :)}, so I've been trying to be more intentional to read to you and Rhys during the days and nights.
You and Rhys enjoy interacting with each other over meals. One thing that you do that I'm REALLY trying to 'break' you of is throwing your food and drink onto the floor when you're done with it. Although I know that this is a temporary habit, it really 'irks' me! {Especially when I've JUST swept or mopped the floor! I know, I's such a heart issue for me...but, whew!}
You LOVE to climb all things! When we play outside, you make a mad dash for the front steps! You're great a climbing up by yourself, but we need to work on your decline!! Whew!
You learns LOTS from your big brother! :) Here is your first lesson on sticks, I presume...
And you stick EVERYthing in your mouth! {surely, THE reason you've been sick so much!!!}
You are just now showing interest in riding your & big brother's 4-wheeler. I have a feeling you're gonna be tearing through the yard very soon on that thing! {Another "Whew!" from a nervous mama's heart! :)}
And this final picture says it ALL, Caleb! "I WANT MY WAY, AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!!" Sorry, son, I'm not putting you down in any way by sharing this part of your conquering, choleric spirit. We all have a bit of this in our spirits. I just pray that the Lord will continue to help me & Daddy 'reign' in that temperament so that you use it to His glory.
Caleb, you are such a joy. You are a gift to my life and to the life of this family! I enJOY watching you play independently and with Rhys and with others! I continue to look into your life in awe and amazement at God's goodness and mercy!! I pray you come to know our God at an early age, become so on fire for His glory and totally live your life for Him!

Daddy & I love you with every ounce of our being and look forward to many more months and years with you, son!


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