Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rhys' Current Passion

I love that boys are such BOYS in the things they love! Like TRUCKS, TRACTORS, CARS, etc. Rhys' day just about starts and ends with some request, comment or conversation about one of the above! :) We were at the library last week, and we came home with this book, "Construction Zone," which Rhys points to EVERY night, saying, "Daddy, read! Daddy, read" Of course, Daddy obliges... {pardon the rattling you'll hear in the background...that's Caleb playing with one of his rattles :)}


Karen Connor said...

This is precious! I love hearing his sweet voice :) So...someone has a bday approaching...GIRLS NIGHT OUT!?!

Tara said...

Too cute, Shireen! Chris and I enjoyed watching Russell and Rhys read the construction truck book, and I think I learned about trucks I've never heard of before! haha. Miss you guys. :)