Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy 8 Months, Caleb!!

Sweet Caleb, happy 8 months to you!!!

Here are some updates on how you're doing...
-You are officially on formula, as of two weeks ago (and Mommy feels SOOOOOO good!!! :)), averaging a 6 to 8 oz bottle/formula four times a day
-You enjoy your oatmeal with apple sauce & french vanilla yogurt for breakfast
-You're GREAT at eating finger foods...graham crackers, cheddar cheese puffs, veggie puffs, fruity puffs, yogurt bites and baby cookies!! Your hand-to-mouth coordination is really developing!!
-Your naps are nice and LONG! "Thank YOU, LORD!!!!"
-You still LOVE to bathe in your little bathtub!! I'll fill it with water and then fill the actual bathtub with water, and you joyfully soak in your tub while big brother has fun in his little 'water park.' :) You both love to splash each other, and neither of you minds the other's splashes! I love to see you interacting SO much these days!!!
-I LOVE your head FULL of hair! People comment on that and your LONG eye lashes and BIG blue eyes!
-You've gotten so long/tall, too! You weigh 18lbs 14oz.
-You're sitting better and better each day...almost unsupported!! :)
-Oh, and I should mention that you do so well in your independent play time in your playpen! You get that 2-3 times per day for about 30 minutes at a time, and that's great for Mommy to have time with Rhys or take care of things around the house or even do NOthing but rest for a bit! :)
-You still sleep like a champ through the night, for which I PRAISE THE LORD and sing, "Hallelujah!!" We put you down around 7pm, and you'll start cooing sometime in the 5:00 hour, and almost to the minute, one hour later, you start letting us know (ie, crying! :)) that you're READY to be up and get your bottle! So, you're up any time between 6:15/6:30 to 7:00ish.
-You have had a rough last couple of months with sicknesses, poor guy! Basically, since you were 6 months old, you've been sick! You had an ear infection and had to be on two rounds of antibiotics until it cleared up. Then, you had a stomach virus, which lasted about a week. Then, you had another virus of some kind, which lasted a week and ended in a lovely DOUBLE ear infection, for which you're on antibiotics right now. I pray pray pray that you get well and STAY well thru this Spring and Summer, sweet Caleb!!
-You don't have any teeth showing just yet, but I'm sure they'll start popping out in the next couple of sure doesn't stop you from enjoying some yummy foods! :) I'm thankful for that!
-You are such a cuddle bug! You like to sit in anyone's lap! You love to be held, and you giggle and laugh when we love on your neck! You are so ticklish! I appreciate your smiles and laughs SOOOO much, sweet boy! A mommy needs to know that her baby is content and happy!
-You also LOVE the outdoors! It's interesting 'juggling' both you and big brother at times, but we can all be outside, and you're so content, you hardly need any attention! You'll just play or even just sit and rest in your exersaucer or activity mat and be your 'cool cat' self, while I give all my attention to Rhys! :)
Well, sweet Caleb, I could just go on and on! You are so much FUN, and we ALL adore you! Daddy and I pray for you each night as we put you boys to bed, knowing that you are a gift from our Lord, Who we praise for getting to parent you and live life with you! It's a JOY to get to spend my days with you, son!!!


The Thurlow's said...

Aww, your last few posts make me miss you so much. As I was reading I was thinking how we could come and see you, but those are good updates. Love you friend!

Ashley Matteo said...

love all the pics and updates on both of the sweet boys. cant wait to see you all soon