Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy One Month, Caleb!!

Caleb made a month on Friday! Whew! Time is flying by!! He is doing so great, for which we acknowledge and praise our Lord! He's easy going, eats well and quickly {that makes Mommy happy! :)}, sleeps well for naps and at night {not quite through the night just yet, but we're definitely praying and working toward that direction}, and he's just a pleasurable addition to our family! I look at him and think how marvelous God is...what a beautiful piece of creation this child is! Yes, I'm totally biased...he and his brother are PRECIOUS in their Mommy's eyes! :)

Just look at this little gentleman. :)
Such puppy-dog eyes...oh, I'm a sucker for my children...I will cave in for just about anything! :)
We wish you a happy one month, sweet boy! You are such a pleasure, and your Daddy and Mommy and big brother love you VERY much! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO :)


Mama Matteo said...

such sweet pictures, im so happy to see some up close ones. he is adorable!!!

The deVilleneuves said...

Oh, Shireen, he is just so precious!!! I can't wait to get to hug him and hold him in just a few weeks! And Rhys too!!

Britney said...

cute photos! he's looking so much more like Rhys did (i think anyway!) :)