Monday, September 6, 2010

A FUN Four-Day Weekend

God has blessed us this season - these four months in Missouri - with three four-day weekends, which have been SO needed for our marriage and our family, as Russell stays SOOOOOO busy with training! Oh, I am SO thankful for this long Labor Day weekend!!! We have enjoyed a wonderful COOL break from the HOT weather, so we've spent a LOT of time outside...going for nice, long walks, drives through the countryside, playing on playgrounds, and Rhys' new favorite...scoping out ANY kind of tractor or heavy machinery/equipment.

There is an outdoor museum on post of all kinds of military vehicles and equipment, which we ventured through yesterday, and Rhys kept saying, "Dah-dah," his version of "Tractor." :)
Rhys is intimidated by the SIZE of most of these "beasts," but he let Daddy get him up close and personal with them. I think he'll be ready to start climbing all over them in just weeks! :)
Caleb continues to grow into a handsome little fellow, and we enJOY our time with him!!
Then, we were BLESSED with a visit by this amazing couple! Parker and Emily drove up to MO for the weekend and spent yesterday afternoon and last night with us! We were TREATED to some needed fellowship with them! I was like a live wire, so excited to see them and to get to catch up! The guys went for a drive through the base and through the country to get their guy time, while we girls got to stay in with the kiddos and catch up on the last few months!! Our hearts are INCREDIBLY fulfilled since our time with the soon-to-be Dalton's!! :) "Thank you, guys, so much for coming to see us!!! We love you two with all of our hearts and look forward to celebrating the union of your lives and hearts so soon!!"
Whew! It's just been such a great weekend, and I'm excited that this training week will be a short one because today is a holiday!! Yay!! "Thank YOU, Lord!!!"


Mama Matteo said...

so glad yall had such a great weekend. i love the pics of caleb, he is getting so big and i love that dark hair. i bet rhys is loving all those big trucks and tractors; a little boy's paradise. and what a sweet treat to have some friends from "back home" come visit. we cant wait to have yall back home soon but im so glad things are going well for yall there.

Krystal with a K said...

ok..why won't it let me see these pictures?!