Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy 16 Months!!

Sweet Rhys, Happy 16 months!!

It's been such a busy and crazy month that I confess I've not taken any pictures of you or much else. Sorry! So, above is a picture of you from yesterday, while Daddy and I were wearing you out taking you in and out of the car seat and stroller, going from one building on post to another, trying to get acquainted with the base and getting all of our errands run before Daddy started training today. You were definitely ready for some running around time! Thank you for being such a trooper for us, sweet boy!

Notice the butterfly band-aid? Poor guy. You climbed up onto our sofa a couple of days ago, fell over one end of it, head first, landing with your forehead on Mommy's METAL free weights, and Daddy brought you to me, calmly saying, "Honey, Rhys is bleeding. I need you to get me our first-aid kit." My response was prayer {Help me, Lord Jesus, to have the grace to get through this!}, running to the first-aid kit and horror at the gushing blood down your sweet face. You didn't cry until you noticed the red wet stuff coming down your face, which was so sad. :( Anyhow, I praise the Lord that Daddy knows how {and is helping me to learn} to respond to these kind of emergencies with a calmness and knowledge on how to treat the 'boo-boo.' A good bath to wash all the blood away, a butterfly band-aid, some Neosporin, a regular band-aid and a good 3.5 hour nap later, and you were good to go! Such a trooper, yet again!

I don't know how to respond to your desire to climb on EVERYthing, other than to let you and just teach you how to climb down carefully and then BE THERE for you, in case you choose to be adventurous again. I pray that I will be there just before each of those 'boo-boo' moments, but I need to continue trusting that the Lord will protect you because I just cannot always be there. It makes me so nervous! Whew!

You are such a JOY, Rhys! I am excited about our days together, especially before your little brother arrives! We need to make the most of our time together these next few months...lots of playgrounds and play time together! You have adapted SO well, praise the Lord, to our new home, and that reminds me to be flexible and to embrace life 'as it is,' to God's glory. So, thank you for your model, sweet boy!

Daddy and Mommy LOVE you so much! We pray that you continue to grow strong and that we would continue to teach you and train you up in our Lord. We fall short, for sure, but we will continue to strive for that, by God's grace.

Happy 16 months and growing, big man!



Katie said...

Oh Rhys, I'm so sorry about your boo boo. I know it was scary and it probably hurt too. It's especially upsetting to mommies because we never want our babies to hurt or be sad. You're getting to be a big and brave boy! Be especially sweet to your Mommy and have lots of fun with her. Give her a big kiss and tell her we will miss her on Wednesday night!
Love, Miss Katie

Amy Kennedy said...

Girl! I so understand about the climbing phase and how scary it is!! We are in the same boat at our house. I never know what's coming next!! Sounds like you are all getting adjusted nicely in Missouri. I enjoyed the "tour" post of your new home!! So glad you made it safely and now you can just enjoy being there, meeting new people, and hanging out as a family of 3 for a few more months until little Caleb arrives. Happy 16 months, little Rhys! Hope your boo-boo gets better very soon. Love you!!

Mama Matteo said...

poor baby and poor mommy. im glad he didnt get too scared or really even cry. im sure that will be just one of many incidents with our boys. boys will be boys. im sure jenn or angela will have plenty of other stories very similar.