Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sweet Visit with Aunt Britney

Sweet Britney came to Birmingham last weekend and is always so good to work us into her busy social schedule! I know that she has lots of friends that she wants to see when comes to town, but she is such a sweetheart to make us a priority on her visits! We are thankful!

Britney is very much family, and she's known this little guy since he first came into this world! Remember Rhys' first photoshoot? Well, that was Britney's work!
Rhys is completely himself {all boy!!!} with Aunt Britney, and when she was getting ready to leave, he reached out and wanted her to hold him, which was so sweet! It's definitely Britney's sweet, calming demeanor, and I think it may help that she and I look alike! I snagged this shot of Rhys and Daddy because they're dressed alike. This was not planned, but Russell did pick out the outfit for Little Man and then, wouldn't ya know, he went and picked the same colors for himself for the day! :)We're having FUN with this little walker! He is ALL OVER the place, and I LOVE it!!!
I praise the Lord!

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