Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rhys' First Easter Egg Hunt

Rhys got to experience his first Easter egg hunt and fun parade this year! One of our local churches really did a great job creating a great atmosphere for families to come and have a wonderful time on a beautiful day! Ashley and Dan were sweet to take pictures of us since my hands were very busy with this little guy!

Rhys would have held on to this one purple easter egg the entire time! :) And, of course, everything gets 'taste-tested'!
Rhys has no idea what an easter egg 'hunt' is yet, but come next year, he should be all about some eggs and candy! :)
I just love this cute face! I could just eat him up! Easter egg still in the mouth! :)
What a great parade! We got to paint cookies with fun colors of icing...

These cookies were massive, huh? Yeah, we brought about 3/4 of it home. I was NOT risking no nap from a sugar high! Ha! My sweet friend, Ashley, and her big boy, Nathan! Then, Rhys went on his first pony ride! Watch his face through the pictures...

He wasn't too sure about this! :) Still not really 'into' it.
I was dizzy after 4 trips AROUND with those ponies! I was glad they kept the rides so short! Whew! Maybe Rhys will enjoy the parade activities as he gets older. :) I'm sure he will. It was a fun time and a gorgeous day!
Thank you for all the fun pics, Ash!

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Mama Matteo said...

we had a great time too and it was fun having you there