Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

Doesn't every mommy need one of these?

As I was emptying the dishwasher this morning, this little monkey evidently decided to crawl in to help! My back was turned for about 10 seconds as I was putting the silverware away, and I was literally telling {convincing} myself, "Ignorance is bliss for this moment, Shireen. Surely, he's not into anything!" I turned and found this...and I do think it's SO cute, even though we won't make a habit of it!
I like to try to get into his little mind. He's probably thinking, "Now that I'm in here, what next? Hmmm..."Then, I call out his name, and he gives me the "I'm only trying to help, Mommy" look. :)See? I can pull the racks out!

Then, I took him out and said, "No. No, Rhys."

I kind of wonder if he's thinking, "Why in the world did she take pictures {even smiling!} but she's saying, 'No. No,' now?" :)


Katie said...

Andrew has gotten into our dishwasher before too. He LOVES the rolling racks. Come to think of it, when our dog was a puppy, she enjoyed getting onto the dishwasher door to rest.

tami said...

Girl, he did that while I was there too :) I thought it was cute, but of course, I told him "no, no, Rhys." He is such an inquisitive little guy! Just wait until he starts dismantling everything ;)