Friday, October 2, 2009

Picture Moments

Russell went canoeing this Sunday morning, so as he was loading the canoe onto the Jeep, I had to take Rhys out to learn a bit about 'man toys.'
Rhys can't wait till he reaches the peddles...might take several years!!
For now, Daddy will have to drive him around, and one day he can try out the passenger seat 'for real.'
I caught Rhys in this little 'get-up' earlier this week...Russell was skyping with his parents, while I was cooking dinner. Evidently, Russell needed a little help (ie, free hands), so he strapped Termite* into a car seat and propped him up in front of the computer so that Poppa and Grandmom could have a good view of him, as well. We skype often with Poppa and Grandmom!!With the exciting cold front that came in this week, I had to pull out some cold-weather clothes for this little man...looked so cute for our cold morning walks!
We got to visit with Baba and Mama Nili and Aunt Soraya this week...look how laid back Rhys is with Baba...they have a great time together.
He's starting to scoot around, almost to a crawl.
He always wants to STAND. We try to sit him on his bottom, and he keeps his legs so straight and rigid, not budging! Only wants to stand these days {of course with someone's help}. :)
My good-lookin' father, like son! I am very blessed...I don't even know the half of it...but, oh, how thankful I am!
*Termite - Russell calls Rhys a little termite because when we change him in our wooden changing station, he rolls over and starts gnawing on the wooden rails. Of course, he gnaws on anything and everything he can get his hands on, but the "termite" comment cracked me up so much! I couldn't wait to tell you, girl! ;) Rover has a friend! :)

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Darby said...

I'm cracking up! I'm just now catching up from being away! I love Termite! We used to call Paige "termite"... it's so fitting for a little guy who likes to gnaw!! He's getting so BIG!!!! Miss you!!