Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy 9 Months!!!

How can it be that you're nine months already!?!?!? You've gotten so big so fast!! I love to watch you grow, my sweet boy! Daddy and I are so thankful for you, and we're excited for all that the Lord has in store for you!
You still enjoy your exersaucer! well as your activity mat, as you continue to 'perfect' your scoot! Aunt Britney would love to know how much you enjoy your "Britney Bunny" :)
And, of course, like father like enjoy your Jeep! :)
I found Daddy fishing for you today! Looks like he caught you!! :)

Rhys, you're a blessing to our lives, and we enjoy our days and evenings with you!!! You are so laid-back, and you're a social butterfly, especially with the ladies! ;) Daddy and I have much to learn through your life, and we look forward to many more months and many years as your parents!

We love you and wish you a happy 9 months!!


Mama Matteo said...

there is that cute smile i knew you had. well i hope we got some in our pics today but if not you look just as cute in your "serious mode". happy 9 months, its crazy how time flies

Nicki McDonald said...

Your pics are too precious - looks like the pumpkin patch was fun! I wanted to let you know we will be moving to Tampa, FL soon. We will list our home next Monday and then when it sells, we will be on our way to sunnier days :) Kevin left Microsoft and has accepted a position for another company - he is very excited about it! Talk to you later!