Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rhys' 6-Month Stats

Rhys had a great 6-month check up last week!! He took his shots and an oral vaccination very well. The only part that really bothered him was when the nurse pricked and then kept squeezing the tip of his itty-bitty finger to get blood. Poor little guy.

Doctor says he's right on track with all of his growth and developmental signs! "Thank you, Lord!!"
His 6-month stats are...

Weight - 17 lbs (up 3 lbs in 2 months!!)
Height - 25 3/4 inches (from 24 inches 2 months ago)
Head Circumference - 16 3/4 inches (from 16 inches 2 months ago)
He spends his days eating (mostly formula, but we're a week into rice cereal!!), sleeping (11-12 hours at night; 3 naps per day) and playing on his activity mat, a fun bouncer (which he almost fell asleep in this cute!! :)), his exercauser (pictured below), sometimes watching a Baby Einstein dvd, splashing in his bath tub, playing with Daddy & Mommy and, more recently, sitting in our laps, mesmerized by picture books, as we read to him.

We have so much fun with this little guy! I LOVE watching him GROW UP!!! "We love you, Rhys! We do praise God for you!! Hugs & kisses from Daddy & Mommy!!!"


Matt, Sandy and Logan said...

He's adorable, Shireen! I'm glad he's doing well. Logan has the same exersaucer and loves it!

Mama Matteo said...

Yay Rhys. Its so fun to see you growing and being able to play with all those fun toys. I know your mommy and daddy are having tons of fun with you

Kathryn said...

The finger prick is the worst- for mommies! And then you have to worry afterward about him eating the bandaid. (I hope my kids aren't the only ones that tried to do that!)
He's looks like such a sweet happy precious boy!

Carrie and Jordan said...

Hey Shireen! Rhys is so cute! We have the same exersaucer....i just had to smile at the picture of him with the star in his mouth...reminds me of Emily Kathryn because she loves to put it in her mouth as well! So fun!

Dana and Chris Sheheane said...

Wow, he is precious!!!! And each month just gets better and better!! I still think he and Wells resemble in ways! how fun!! Your sweet post on my blog made my day. Girl, trust me, you don't want to clean up after Vedder. But you are a precious friend and i will take y'all up on rest i promise!!! love ya, dana