Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What We've Been Up To... (in pictures)

The last couple of weeks have just flown by for us! A couple of weekends ago, we were treated to a visit with Rhys' "adopted" Aunt Britney. :) She is so good to make us a priority each time she comes in to town, and we LOVE her like a sister!!! Besides, she and I could pass as sisters!! ;)

She's SOOOOO good with Rhys!! Very attentive to him! He enjoys when Aunt Britney pops in for some good, quality visiting. :)

Then, Mr. Ben came by last week for a quick visit, and I had to capture this moment!! Virginia, this picture is for you!! :) Sweet, huh?

Thankfully, we did not have big plans for the 4th...we just wanted to rest and just be with each other as a family. We loaded up little man in the back of the Jeep for the first time and went for a drive. Rhys seems to like it!! I wonder if he can see over that big ole tire!

He just chilled out back there {pretty much his personality, much like his daddy}!!

Rhys gets by to see his Granny {actually my Granny :)} fairly often. He's gotta get some good lovin' from one of his biggest fans!!

Rhys likes to look at his reflection, trying to figure it out. He smiles, almost bashfully, at himself...it's so cute.

He's been doin' a lot of this...beautiful SMILES, and this...rolling from both front to back and back to front, from both his right and left sides.
Russell's out of town, so I've put this post together for him, so that he can keep up with what we're up to since he's been working hard, away from home. After a great day with sweet Rhys, I got to get out for a good, long bike ride this evening with my good friend, Ashley. Rhys got to hang out with our sweet, sweet neighbors, Aryvia & Kate, and I'd say he had a great time!! :)Wouldn't ya say? :) Soooooo sweet!!!!!

Honey, this picture is for you!! We love you, and we're praying for you!! Hugs & kisses from your BIGGEST fans in this world!!!


Michelle and Jeremy said...

LOVE! I mean LOVE the jeep pix! those are the best. it was so good to catch up with you today. take care!

Britney said...

aww my sweet little nephew. ;)


The Morrows said...

hey shireen- looks like you guys are doing awesome! rhys is a cutie pie! ran into your neighbor, kate, at princeton this week. we know each other from samford- so fun! take care