Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy TWO YEARS, Caleb!!!

Caleb Christopher, Happy Happy Birthday!!!

You are an absolute JOY to our family!!! You are your brother's best friend, and he is yours. You're going to preschool, since this summer, and you're just learning so much!!! 

Some of your current favorites:
-The word "NO!" :) This is hard for Mommy, but I pray and hope it's at least partially a phase of your age!
-Riding your 4-wheeler! You've been riding a big-boy 4-wheeler since you were 20 months! You are very brave (and daring! whew!!)!!
-Fruits!!! All kinds!! Yay!!
-Your 'baby' - a stuffed bunny rabbit - and your 'blankie' - a precious light blue/white checked baby's so cozy-comfy!! :)
-Mommy and Daddy time! You like to snuggle when you first awake from nap and night-time sleep! 
-OUTDOORS!!! :) Playing in DIRT!! You and your brother are little dirt magnets!! :) It's straight to a bubble bath when you're finished playing outside! Sometimes two and three baths a day! Ha!!
-Movie time...when you want to watch a movie, you point to the TV and say, "Ooooo oooooo ooooo." :)
-Napkins! You call them "Nah." You could go through yours and everyone else's at each meal, wiping your hands clean throughout a meal! :) 
-Harassing your brother! :) You like to aggravate Rhys, and Rhys is SO sweet to put up with it most of the time. Again, something I hope you'll mature OUT of! :) 

The last year has been truly WONDERFUL!!! You've been mostly healthy, praise the LORD, and your personality continues to develop as you learn and do so many NEW things! I really look forward to seeing how good preschool will be for you this year!! Also, YOU, big man, are about to be a big brother, so I pray you will be the model this child needs, loving and serving our Lord God with all your heart, mind, body and soul ALL your life!!! 

Happy birthday, and we LOVE you, Caleb!!!


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