Thursday, August 23, 2012

Catching up on the last THREE months!!!

Been SUPER busy (like everyone of you! :)), and blogging has been on the back burner! But here is a catch-up post on the last few months of our lives!

Lots of HOT :) outside time!

What a stud! :)
 A couple of HOT studs, slurping down some yummy homemade smoothies! An every day treat around here!
 Daddy been BUSY in the yard!
Meet our fig tree...
 ...our blackberry vine...
 ...our grape tree...
 ...our plum tree...
 Playing with play-doh on really hot afternoons... 
 I got busy and made us all Christ mas stockings to match! Finally! Only have one more to go...for baby #3!!! :) Once we confirm on a name! :)
 The boys think they're ready to drive! I told them they have to learn how to buckle and unbuckle themselves first! :)
 And Daddy was gone with the military for the first two weeks of August! We are THANKFUL to have him home again!! "Thank You, Lord!!"
 Several visits from Pappa & Grandmom!!
 Caleb helped me snap peas!

 While Daddy was gone to Annual Training, I made a quick trip to Lowe's and the boys got to play!!!
 And, now, with some cooler days, we frequent the playground. The boys can do SOOOOOOO much more in just a few month's time! They don't need my help anymore! :)

It has been a fast summer! The boys had summer preschool for two days a week through June and July, which was great...they loved it, and I was able to get needed things done in and out of the house! August has been great for a lot of reasons, but, most of all, God has allowed for me to live out two weeks pregnant and tired, taking care of two toddlers, one of the boys sick for a week of that time, which meant several sleepless naps and nights and Daddy gone! God is so faithful to grow me, Russell and the kids SO much during those seasons, and I see a LOT of growth in my faith and perspective, and the boys have grown in independence and helping Mommy! I am thankful with all my heart, mind, soul and body for what GOD allows for because it really is HIS best for us! It's been a wonderful summer for our family! :) "Thank YOU, Lord!!!"

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