Thursday, November 17, 2011

Caleb - 14 & 15 months

Life continues to fly by SO quickly, so here is a 'combo' update on the last couple of months for Caleb. We PRAISE THE LORD that he is doing great in every way!
Caleb, you are up to a runner's speed! :) You climb, run and walk so well! We're currently teaching you how to sit down and slide down from 'high' places (a foot off the floor) so that you won't fall and hurt yourself.

You are your brother's best friend, and he is yours! I am thankful for this gift! God has blessed each of you with the perfect playmate! Truly, you mimic just about everything Rhys does, so Mommy and Daddy are trying to encourage him to be the proper role model for you! :) I pray that you two will LOVE each other and always appreciate one another as God's gift to each other.

You are definitely determined! I call you Caleb Determined Wright! :) I can see a little bit of why God laid on our hearts to name you Caleb, after Caleb in the Bible! I'm excited to see your personality shining, Son, and I pray that you will love the Lord your God and live for HIM in all your ways!

You're {finally!!! :)} getting in your 5th and 6th teeth! Your teeth have been slower to come in, but that doesn't keep you from eating very well, for which I'm very thankful! You LOVE breakfast! You typically eat oatmeal, and when Daddy's making breakfast, you get biscuits or sausage cream cheese croissants. For snacks, you like peanut butter crackers, Chex cereal, Goldfish crackers, Graham Crackers, honey yogurt, and for lunch, you like chocolate peanut butter sandwiches (that's right...chocolate peanut butter) or a chicken & cheese grilled sandwich with apple sauce. For dinner, you pretty much eat whatever we eat as a family LOVE Mommy's Santa Fe Soup...all those yummy beans! :) And you've been doing great with your veggies beans, sweet peas, corn, etc.

You still nap twice per day...typically 1-1.5 hours in the am and 1.5 hours in the pm. You also sleep great thru the night from 7p to 6a. Sometimes you can stay up till 8p, but there's no getting around you being an early morning riser! :) You come by it honestly, so I won't hold it against you! ;) I'll continue to enjoy our mornings together.

Thankfully, you enjoy room time! You'll play in your room for up to an hour both morning and evening. Then, you enjoy room time with Rhys for a while each day. I love to come in and play with both of you. You just run into me, push me over and slobber me with kisses! Thank you! :)

Your stats (as of 15 months):
weight: 22lbs 3oz (10-20 percentile) - you've gotten 'skinny minny' on us!
height: 31.5 inches (50-75 percentile)
head circ: 17.5 inches

Caleb Christopher, your mommy and daddy are so very thankful for you! I praise the Lord and thank your daddy that I get to stay home with you and Rhys during the days!! I cherish these days with you boys; I cherish you boys with all my heart! You are such a joy, and Mommy and Daddy look forward to many more years of learning, teaching and growing with you! God has blessed us with your life! Happy 14 & 15 months, Son!


Love, Mommy & Daddy

P.S. The below picture is for Grandmom! Like your daddy, Caleb, you sometimes dump your bowl of food on your head. Thankfully, it's only been dry cereal, so far. Your daddy evidently liked to pour his grits on his head! Poor Grandmom! :)

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