Saturday, December 11, 2010

Visit w/Papa & Grandmom

This passed week, Russell's parents visited. We got to celebrate Claudia's birthday..."Happy Birthday, again, Claudia!!" :)
Grandmom got to spend LOTS of good, quality time with the boys...
Papa did, too!
And I think the heat of the fireplace might have gotten to Russell's head one night {Ha!!}...he got to dancin' with Rhys, and I caught some hilarious pictures of their 'dance.' :) This is only one of several pics...
And Daddy caught this sweet moment...Zeke & Caleb having some quality time together. :)

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HB said...

FRIEND! I've been a horrible commenter, but I'm SO intrigued and in LOVE with Zeke. I want to know his story. You should blog about him. He is so loveable. He really is.

That little Caleb.... I was thinking he really favored you, but I see LOTS of Rhys coming out in that sweet boy.