Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy {very belated} 22 Months Rhys

I got so wrapped up in our family Thanksgiving that I missed Rhys' 22-month post! So, here's a quick one...

Rhys is still VERY much into tractors, trucks, Jeeps, cars, anything with wheels...especially if they make lots of NOISE! :) If you need a smile - perhaps even a laugh :) - watch this short video! Rhys has some super smooth moves! ;) {Takes after his daddy, for sure!}

Rhys has been enjoying waffles for breakfast {and sometimes for dinner}, and Zeke sits there waiting/begging for a bite! We don't allow it, but Rhys sometimes sneaks it into Zeke's diet. Russell and I are the ones who suffer the consequence!!! When that dog 'toots,' which is VERY likely when he gets any human food(!!!), there's a HUGE GRAY CLOUD hovering in the room, and our eyes literally start's BAD! :) {TMI? :)} So, when I see Rhys so much as considering sharing his food with Zeke, I almost SCREAM, "NO!!!" Trust me, you would, too! It gets BAD around here!! WHEW!!!
And this is cute...we have a screen for the fireplace that Rhys likes to open and close and walk in and out of...he entertains himself doing that for a good while. :)
Happy belated 22 months, sweet Rhys! We love you so much and enJOY watching you learn so much as you grow!! Daddy and I are so thankful for you, and you are a wonderful big brother to Caleb!! You could be a little more gentle with Zeke :), but that'll come with age and learning.


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