Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy 21 Months, Rhys!!!

That would be the choice adjective to describe this season of Rhys' life. We love it! He's wonderful entertainment, and I tell Russell that he gets his "spice of life" from his Mama! :) He keeps life interesting 'round here!!
We spend lots of our days outside on our back deck. Rhys likes anything with wheels!
Nap times are nice and long these days, as I let him run and run and run, wearing his little self out! :)
Rhys enjoys driving his $3 four-wheeler...a garage-sale find our first weekend in Missouri! It's the little {and CHEAP!!!} things they love the most, huh???? :)
We just had our first fire-pit fire of the season. Sadly, we had no smore fixins, but I hit the grocery the next day, and we're set for the next fire! Rhys was enthralled with the smoke here... Don't you just love that curious expression (mouth opened)??? :)
And he's just gotten so interested in READING! We'll all be sitting in the family room at night, or I might be preparing something in the kitchen, and he just puts a book on the floor and starts looking through it on his own! I'm just AMAZED with God's workmanship in us!! Children are amazing little creations!!
Rhys, we LOVE LOVE LOVE exactly who you are...every little bitty ounce of you!!! We are excited to share in and spend our lives with you!!! You are a wonderful boy and son to Daddy and Mommy, and you love your baby brother so well!!! We are thankful for you and look forward to MANY more months and years with you!!!

Happy 21 months today, son!!

Love, Daddy & Mommy :)

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Mama Matteo said...

fun times! rhys, you are such a wonderful, playful, smart, and curious little boy.im so happy to have you (and your family) back in town for now. that fire pit looks fun, you and nathan may have to cook up some smores soon.