Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back & Back to No Good!! :)

We're back to the south!!! We've been back for a couple of weeks, settling in, still unpacking, still organizing...seems like it's taking longer than it should??? :)

But we're having fun in the process! Lots of fun outdoor time in the cooler weather...
Enjoying swing & Daddy time!!
You think this big boy enjoys swinging? I'd say so. :) Oh, that precious smile!!!
Enjoying walks with our great neighbors!! :)
And play dates! :)
Rhys is going to be driving a Jeep and riding a bike in no time! Thanks, guys!!
And when we're not outside, Rhys wants to be outside!! :)
Enjoying great time with Aunt Tami, who came to visit for a FUN weekend!!
Rhys is sporting a hanger on his head, here. :) Aunt Tami called him "Hanger Head." :) Ha!
And this morning tops it all! I was preparing a bath for Caleb in his infant tub, stepped across the hall just to take Caleb out of his onesie and diaper, and, as I heard water splashing in the bathroom, I said to myself, "You've got to be kidding." I glanced into the bathroom, and I had to grab my camera...this is what I found! An inquisitive little guy in his pj's AND a POOPY diaper sitting in the infant tub full of water. :)
Close up of wet pj's. :)
So, I just picked Rhys up, put him in the big tub and let him 'help' me bathe his little brother. Rhys was next in line for a bath. :)
Hence, the blog post title, "Back & Back to No Good!!" That we are!


Tara said...

The pictures and story of Rhys getting into Caleb's baby bathtub cracked me up! He's so cute. :) Great job thinking to grab the camera at such a funny moment. I'm so glad to hear that you guys are getting settled in and enjoying hanging out with the deVilleneuves. We enjoyed your quick visit so much and look forward to next time.

The Amato's said...

I'm so glad ya'll are back & getting settled in. I love that our boys are exactly 1 month apart!!! Hope to see you in November...miss you dear friend!