Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Rhys!!!

I rolled over in bed around 4:00 this morning and whispered to Russell, "Honey, we were in the hospital this time last year with Rhys. Do you remember what time we had him?" He was obviously tired, so he was sweet to even 'participate' in this EARLY 'conversation.' He groggily said, "Around 2:00," to which I {corrected} responded, "2:19!"

Today, we celebrate an entire year of joy with our son, with thankful hearts to our Lord!!
Rhys is sporting and enjoying the new 'ride,' as he graduates to the forward-facing car seat. I LOVE to simply turn and see him face-to-face! It's sweet, fun and a lot easier to pass toys and gold fish to him! :)Oh, and the fun doesn't stop there...this boy is trying new, yummy treats! He sees Daddy and Mommy eating, and he wants some!
Here, Daddy is sweet to share his vanilla pudding. Does the boy look like he enjoyed it? {He cried when it was all gone.}He eats ice cream and other fun sweets with us, too. Rhys absolutely has a sweet tooth...just like BOTH Mommy and Daddy!
So, the big boys turns 1 today!
{I love the BIG smile on Daddy's face...he's such a thankful father!}Rhys got to spend the morning with Mimi {b/c Mommy had a Dr's aptmt}, so we had a sweet little birthday celebration over him there. Mimi gave Rhys a cute, barking puppy on a leash {cute because it's plastic, and I don't have to clean up after it :)} that he'll be able to pull along once he's walking. While at Mimi's, Rhys climbed up and sat in this little rocker...Mr. Independent, already?
And Mimi has been teaching him {very effectively! :)} how to climb steps...
I don't mind...we have stairs at home, which he is now climbing, and it's got to be great exercise for him! I love to wear him out so that he plays hard, then rests hard {and looooooong}! :)

Since the weather's been SO gorgeous {sunnier and warmer!!!} this week, we pulled out this swing, which could easily relax and entertain Rhys for hours! Look at our boy...growing up so much! Already in 12-18 month clothes!
Can you tell he's teething?

This child will gnaw on ANYthing! He's ruining his crib, so I'm going to have to buy a plastic or rubber cover to protect the wood. I am, however, thankful that he's gotten his 3rd {yes, only his 3rd} tooth in! Maybe he'll eat more solids, now??? He just needs more variety, but I can't force him. Maybe in time he'll develop a taste for something other than strawberry yogurt, applesauce and goldfish. :)

Rhys had his one-year pediatrician visit, and he's grown over 3 inches in height! His dr. measured him a second time to confirm the length, then, he laughed and said, "Wow! This boy's had a growth spurt!" I could tell he had outgrown his 9-month clothes SUPER FAST! So, that was encouraging news. He weighs in at 21 lbs, 9 oz! So, he's growing and developing nice and steadily. We praise the Lord!

So, happy FIRST birthday to you, Rhys! Daddy & Mommy love you!

More birthday fun to come!


melissa richie said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Big Boy!!

It's hard to believe he's already a year old! Enjoy your weekend, friend.

Mama Matteo said...

happy birthday sweet boy. it has been so fun watching you grow and i just cant wait to enjoy more and more time with you. good job on your third tooth, and learning how to climb up into a chair and the stairs. we love you

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday, Rhys!!!

The Picardy's said...

I can't believe that he is 1, how time flies!! Happy Birthday!!

The Amato's said...

Happy Birthday Rhys! Can't wait to celebrate with you today!

Missy Morgan said...

i cant believe he is one! so fun! what a fun past year for yall! xoxo

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Rhys! Love you!

Amy Kennedy said...

Happy B'day Rhys!!! Can't believe you are a whole year old!! LOVE that forward facing carseat-hope we'll get to use ours soon and also the swing-that's like having the park right in your back yard!! Hope it was a happy weekend. We'll have to play again soon!

HB said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE RHYS!!! Cannot WAIT to see you out strolling. ONE DAY the weather will be pretty again and we can all PLAY!

Hope you had a special day, big boy! The past year has simply FLOWN by!!!

Nicki McDonald said...

I can not believe he is a year old! Seems like yesterday he was born! Happy Birthday Rhys!