Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Came Early!!

Christmas came early this year (as we celebrated 'ThanksChristmas' :) with Russell's family last month), and I got an embroidery & sewing machine!!

These have been my very first projects...I handmade the bib then monogrammed it.I handmade this little girl's diaper bag and monogrammed it, as well. Same story here, just a slightly larger sized diaper bag. (what a beautiful name!) And a friend handmade these precious rompers for her little boy, and I got to monogram his initials on them!! Thanks, Katie!! :) I've opened an Etsy shop, and I'd love to make anything for you!
Just email me ( or visit my store!!

Merry Christmas!!


The Amato's said...

Hey girl looks like you are enjoying you new machine. What is the name of the font you used for bella...SO cute! I'm so proud of you!

Katie said...

I'm proud of you too! You're a natural at this "new" hobby. Looks like you've been doing it for years!

Mama Matteo said...

amazing, absolutely amazing! you are truly very talented. i am so happy you enjoy something that you are so good at it. keep sewing, im sure i will be needing you in the near future!

Cindy said...

Those look great!

John said...

WOW Great job sweetheart keep it up. Those look great.

Love Dad