Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Good Day, Indeed.

We drove out to Little Rock, Arkansas yesterday to spend some good time with a very special couple, soon to be family, Chris, Tara & Crosby Kear!

Sweet Tara has been having contractions, and their little man, Crosby, has been threatening to come 7 weeks early! Chris & Tara have been living in the hospital since last Tuesday! They've been successful at slowing down the delivery process and speeding up Crosby's development with necessary meds and lots of caring hands between the doctor and nurses on staff. They are in great hands, and Crosby has just made 34 weeks! We are celebrating and praising the Lord with them!!
Russell and one of his best friends for years...Chris, Tara, we enjoyed our visit, and we look forward to meeting Crosby 'in person' :) next time we see you guys!
Love y'all!
P.S. Chris, you have my permission to call me by my 'Chris-given' know what I'm talking about...I'm 'over' not liking it, and I miss it! Go figure! :)

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