Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Deer, It's What's for Dinner

Russell and I are not opposed to eating meat. In fact, we scarfed down some tasty elk burgers and deer chili just in the last couple of days. Russell took me to Jim N Nick's, a restaurant known for good bar-b-q, for our second date, a few years back, and when I ordered bar-b-q (MEAT!!), I passed the test for date #3 and so on!! :)

Anyway, the point is...we enjoy meat, and Russell has just taken up the very useful hobby of hunting. Useful because what he shoots, we get to eat! He went deer hunting for the first time last week with his dad, uncle and cousin. He was so excited leading up to the trip that he could hardly sit still at home! Before leaving for Louisiana, he spotted three deer in our back yard! We live in townhouses on the outskirts of CITY life, so that's rare!
Our tiny townhouse yard...So, Russell comes skipping through the house like a little boy, asking if we have some peanut butter to spare. I gave him our extra container. Next thing I know, he's outside, smearing peanut butter onto the trees in our yard...Later that afternoon, he comes home from a 'stroll' through Bass Pro Shop with a mineral rock... (see the gray rock below?)

No worries...Russell has NO intention of shooting from our back yard...only hopes of enjoying the company of our neighborhood deer.

The Thanksgiving hunt was a success! On his FIRST afternoon hunt, he got a doe, and we have a freezer FULL of deer meat to prove it! On top of that, Russell's sweet cousin's husband stocked us up with a load of elk meat, which he just recently got on his first hunting trip out to Colorado.

So, cheers to deer meat fans!! :) (Sorry if I've offended any non-meat-eating fans. I'm really just proud of my husband and thankful for the yummy meat!)

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Katie said...

You had deer in your yard!? Amazing! They are so gorgeous!