Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Weekend Get Away...

Russell & I got to escape to Arkansas for a nice weekend with one of our best couple friends, Chris & Tara Kear. What did we do? More like...what did we not do!?!?! It's amazing how much can be done in two nights and a day! :)

Friday night, we started with yummy bbq for dinner, followed by a rodeo and then a couple of great games of Jokers! If you know me at all, you know that my new favorite game/activity :) is JOKERS!

Saturday morning, we got the day started out right with yummy blueberry and banana nut muffins and lots of yummy, fresh fruits - blueberries, strawberries, bananas! YUM! YUM! The four of us could sit around their dining table during any meal and literally talk the day away, but Tara was quick to point out that Hurricane Ike was still on the move, bringing rain to our area, so if we were going to get outside to play, we'd better wrap up the table talk and take it outside! :) So, we did!

Chris & Tara are buying a new house, so they were sweet to power walk :) us to their new home, about a mile away, and we got the grand tour! We're excited with them as they look forward to closing on their new home in one month! Yay!!! "Guys, we love your new home, and we praise the Lord with you for His provision!! I was so thankful to get to hear all your plans!! Just think, you'll get to spend the holidays in your new home!! How fun! I can't wait to see your personal touches and decor!!" :)

Of course, we were ravenous after that power walk and tour of the new home! So, we went to Ta Molly's for a yummy Mexican lunch! We took our stuffed selves home, where the guys IMMEDIATELY got down to business! Chris & Russell built us our very own Joker board!!! It has a 3-man, 4-man and 6-man game on one board!
Chris & Russell working diligently on the new Joker board, as Tara and I peered over their shoulders.
Looks beautiful! Side 1: 4-man & 6-man game!!
Tracing side 2, the triangular 3-man game!
Russell measures for exact dimensions!! This is all very precise, you see!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, and the beautiful, completed 3-man side!

Final step, "Sand the board!" (Sounds like the teacher from Karate Kid! Ha!!)

Well, after all of that excitement, we enjoyed an amazing dinner of grilled Jerk Chicken over freshly grilled pineapple, served with smashed potatoes and squash sautee. Man, I was stuffed yet again! It was only 8:30 on Saturday night, and I was pooped, so I was off to bed for the night, but I hear there were some good 3-man Joker games going on after my departure!! :) Bummer that I missed that fun!

Anyone interested in a game of Joker??? It's simple to learn and simply FUN to play! Just let us know! We'll set a Joker date!! :)


Mama Matteo said...

the joker board looks great and we will be up for a game soon, but only if u will be my partner again!

Tara said...

I loved re-living the weekend on your blog! You're so good at blogging...maybe I'll take up this one day. :) We enjoyed your visit so much and appreciate you making the long drive. Miss you guys!
Love, Tara

Kathryn said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Nice board, fellas!

Todd, Kristie and Sierra Mitchell said...

Bring the board for Thanksgiving. I would LOVE to learn to play! :)