Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our Labor Day (a little late)

I just did NOT have any physical energy on Labor Day, so rather than go work out that morning, I decided to go off-roading with Russell in his Jeep! I admit, I was a little nervous. I even asked Russell, before heading out, "Do you think I can handle this?" The thought of crawling over rocks in a topless Jeep sounds really cool and even looks really cool from a distance or on video, but getting out there and actually participating (even just riding :)) can be quite nerve racking!

Russell encouraged me to go, "Sure, you can handle it! It'll be good for you!" He assured me that he enjoys crawling at a slow pace, rather than racing up those jagged rocks, which was absolutely the truth! We had a great time...

Russell in action at the wheel!To get into the real off-roading territory, we had to go through this...about a 2-3 foot deep mud puddle. We just crept our way through so not to get too much mud on the Jeep! ;)Ah, it was worth coming...look how pretty!

So, yeah, I can see why Russell and all of his guy friends enjoy this hobby. They're really very cautious and safe in the off-roading aspect, and then the invitation to get "lost in the woods" truly is a "breath of fresh air" from living in the hectic speed of today's life.

"Thank you for a FUN off-roading experience, Hun! I'm proud of you for enjoying such an outdoorsy hobby, not to mention such a manly activity!" ;)

The rest of my Labor Day consisted of eating and sleeping...lunch at Jim 'N Nick's (Yummy Bar-B-Q! Buttered, mouth-watering cheese biscuits! Salty, greasy French fries! That's exactly what I was craving!) with my sweet husband, running a Jeep errand with him, then crashing for a TWO-hour nap, while Rhys decided to have a growth spurt!

I wasn't kidding! We're 20 weeks and growing! :) Half-way there!!


Missy said...

love the belly shots! keep it up! you look so cute!

Mama Matteo said...

i really enjoyed our visit today. thanks for your prayers. the off roading pics were great. where exactly did yall go? you can't tell in your clothes but the last belly picture really does show ryhs getting bigger. its super cute and you look great. talk to you soon

The Amato's said...

you look sooooo cute! your little baby is growing!!! are you feeling him move alot?

Todd, Kristie and Sierra Mitchell said... have the cutest baby belly! :)