Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Caleb - 11 months

Happy {very belated!!} 11 months, sweet Caleb!!

Some of your favorites are...
-Rhys! :) You love to watch your brother!! You are likely learning a LOT from him!

-Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars, trucks, tractors, anything with wheels! This makes you and Rhys great playmates, since he like anything with wheels, too!

-JUMPING! We even borrowed a friend's Jumperoo for you! It wears you out nicely for nap time! :)

-Movies! I've had to resort to giving you bottles in front of a movie...distracts you just right so that you'll drink your formula. You become fixated on the colors and music and objects. We watch mostly Baby Einstein and Brainy Baby. Hopefully, you're already learning some fun things! :)

-Blocks! You love to 'clap' them together!
-Clapping! You enjoy clapping your hands!

-Clicking that cute tongue of yours...what a sweet sound!

-Bath time! Splish-splash, big man! You can definitely make lots of splashes...Mommy just about mops the floor after you boys finish in the tub! :)

-Graham crackers! It's all you'd eat, if I would let you!

-Daddy time, especially bouncing in Daddy's arms! You just giggle, giggle and giggle!!! We LOVE listening to you giggle!!

-Room time! Yay!!! Mommy is thankful you enjoy playing in your pack 'n play! You'll play for an hour at a time, which is very nice some days!! :)

Sweet man, we do wish you a happy happy 11 months! We have enjoyed getting to watch you grow up this fast year, and we look forward to celebrating your first year so very soon!


Love, Daddy & Mommy

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Ashley Matteo said...

wow he is looking so much older for some reason. super cute as always of course. and loved all the pics from the grandparents house. glad yall enjoy that time