Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pool Time!!

Summer time has always meant POOL TIME in my family, and, thankfully, my parents have a fun pool that they LOVE for us to use! So, Rhys just might learn how to swim this summer! We'll see!

He's sportin' his new suit...Hopefully, this will help ease him into pool independence!
He LOVED swimming and playing with Daddy!
Can you tell? :)
Caleb hung out with my mom (where I always was growing up...very much a lap baby! :)) and seemed to enjoy the water, too. I look forward to putting him in a float next time we're there. I think he'll be content whatever we do with him! :)
And my dad got some sugar :) from Caleb after we all had a yummy dinner!
Looking forward to more fun pool time soon!

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