Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy 6 Months, Caleb!!

Wow! How is it possible that you are already 6 months old, sweet boy???

You have been such a JOYful addition to our family!!! I LOVE getting to hold you, play with you, hear you giggle and laugh, and you're just so very pleasant! I am so thankful for you and your sweet, easy-going temperament and can hardly wait to watch your personality continue to develop!
Some things to remember...
-You've been sleeping through the night since about 2 months of age; your bed time is 7p, and since about 5 months, you sleep until sometime between 7a & 8a. Mommy still feeds you a 'dream feed' around 9:00p just to 'top you off' and assure that you'll sleep as far into the morning as possible. :) You nurse GREAT!!!
-You've been eating solids since the day you turned 4 months...started out with rice cereal for breakfast and dinner. Now, you eat a variety of veggies and fruits with either oatmeal or rice cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you enjoy it!! Yay!!!
-You've been napping, since 4 months, from about 9a to 11a; again, from about 1p to 3/3:30p; and most days you need a short late afternoon nap, too, from about 4/4:30 to 5:30/6p, which I think you'll be dropping some time this next month. You nap GREAT!
-Your 6-mo check up is next week, and I think you'll weigh in around 17 or 18 lbs! You are a BIG boy!!! Super healthy and super content, for which we praise the Lord!!
-You coo, laugh, giggle, etc.
-You're about to roll over from back to front, not looking like you'll roll over from front to back any time soon...that'll come in time. We're practicing sitting up, but, again, you're just not all that interested...that, too, will come in time.
-You LOVE to watch your big brother with a big SMILE on your face!!! I think you will be best friends and wonderful playmates! I pray so!!!
-Daddy noticed that you are so expressive these days...he's right! I love your expressions and interactions with each of us!!!
-You play so well on your activity mat, in your exersaucer, and you enjoy your bouncy seat! I think your favorite activity is playing on your activity mat, laying on your back and playing with all the fun, soft, hanging objects, pulling them toward you and sticking them in your mouth. :)

Sweet boy, we praise our gracious LORD for your life and that we get to enjoy these WONDERFUL years with you! Happy 6 months, Caleb!!

Love you, Daddy & Mommy

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Ashley Matteo said...

happy 6 months caleb. you continue to be such a beautiful baby(not that i am suprised) and your temperment is so sweet and relaxed. i had a great time seeing you and your mommy and big brother yesterday. it will be fun to get you and luke out in the swings once it gets warm this spring.