Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas & New Year Memories

These are some random pictures of our holidays for our family to remember in coming years...

Rhys is quite fond of Zeke. We have to remind him to not sit on or play too rough with sweet, Old Zeke! :)
My sister's been coming for good visits with the boys. Soraya's visits truly brighten our days!
My friend, Ashley, brought her boys, Nathan and Luke, for a good play date during the holidays...
The Lord blessed us with a WHITE Christmas!!!
I took pictures from INside, while the boys played OUT in the snow. :)
We got to have Christmas lunch AND New Year's lunch with our gracious friends, the deVilleneuve's. They know how to put an amazing meal together! Good times!!! "Thank you, friends!!!"
Shrimp fetuccini, fresh green beans, yummy appetizers, breads, etc.
Rhys & the boys keep busy, which is great leading up to nap times!! :)
Caleb & Hutson are fast becoming buddies and may very well lead the pack one day! ;)
Papa Pete & Yaya came for a good visit one evening over dinner, as well. It's always such a blessing to get time with such a wonderful, encouraging couple!
And this week, my sweet friend Carrie, her mom Kathy and baby girl Victoria came for a good visit before heading back to Hawaii!! Wow!! I'm still humbled and amazed that they were so sweet to spend SO MUCH time with us when I imagine Carrie needed to be packing and doing last minute things!!! "Thank you, Carrie!!! Love you, sweet friend!!!! Kiss sweet again Victoria for me!!!"
I snapped this picture one morning...Russell and Rhys were dressed alike {not planned! :)}, and it was too cute to not snap a memory! :) These boys are too kind to put up with me and my craziness!
And, finally, my sweet man, Rhys! I'm just so proud of him, using his spoon like a big boy!!! He's been eating his morning oatmeal, grits and other foods on his own, which is super helpful for Mommy!!!
We had WONDERFUL holidays and hope you did, too!!!!

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